Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Photo by Jacob Morrison on Unsplash

Monday is Memorial Day and before you rush to take advantage of the many discounts out there, we want to encourage you to take a moment and observe the day for what it was intended: as a time to honor those who have lost their lives in service of our country.

During this day, we should also think of those who never fully returned from the battlefield and struggle with resulting complications, both seen and unseen. There are many great organizations that care for our veterans and rely...

Why I Want You To Use My Patterns For Profit


I recently changed the copyright information on my patterns from “...for the exclusive use of private customers..." to “This Pattern may not be reproduced, copied or sold. You may use this pattern to create garments for personal use and for those for which you are paid.”

 daughters of style copyright information

Lets get the obvious out of the way: don’t make copies of the pattern. Not to use or sell or give away. Just don’t make copies of it. Easy peasy.

Now lets clarify who “you” are in this scenario. You are an individual who has purchased...