I’m Jenifer Sult and I am the founder of Daughters of Style fashion sewing patterns.

I’ve been sewing almost my entire life, as a kid I made dolls and toys. I started teaching myself to make clothing by looking at fashion magazines and puzzling out how the garments went together. I tried to buy patterns at the fabric store but they just didn’t live up to the excitement and the style of the images in the magazines.

My passion for sewing and making clothing led me to DAAP, where I completed the Fashion Design program. But I learned more there than just design. I learned that I’m a teacher, so I continue to be involved at DAAP as an adjunct professor. And I learned that I love Cincinnati and this is where I wanted to start my business and to contribute to the creative community here.

For the past six years, I have focused on growing my business, working with local entrepreneurs to help them develop their own sewn products. I design, sew and make patterns all day, and I still love to make my own clothes in my spare time.

I would like to buy a pattern and cut it out and sew up a new garment just for the joy of it. But I can never find the quality of design I’m looking for.

What fashion brands like Prada and Dior have that home sewist don’t are beautiful garments created by highly skilled designers and patternmakers.

The aim of Daughters of Style is to bring that ideal to the modern sewist.

Each pattern is designed to bring style and quality to the sewist. Drafted by trained professionals with fashion industry standards sewing a Daughters of Style pattern is exciting and challenging, playing to the skills and creativity of the sewist.

They explore high quality sewing techniques and allow the sewist to not only use their knowledge, but to expand upon it.

 Daughters of Style patterns are released as complete collections, each elevated in its design and collectible. Compared to other basic patterns printed on tissue paper and packaged in flimsy envelopes, these are objects that provide a superior experience and are worthy of display on your bookshelf.

I hope you enjoy sewing these patterns as much as I enjoy making them.